Ship Architects, INC.

Ship Architects, Inc. - Engineering Services for the Marine Industry

At Ship Architects, Inc., continuous improvement is more than just an abstract goal. It’s a sustained habit.

Our purpose is to be a community of professionals working together to be exceptional leaders in engineered products that provide a competitive advantage to our customers by increasing their profits.

Our customers rely on us as trusted experts, and we value deeply the relationships we’ve built with each client over the years. A mutual trust and commitment is the foundation for each of our customer partnerships, and that guiding principle has empowered our organization since 1999.

We possess expertise and experience in a wide variety of specializations that spans marine engineering, naval architecture, and mechanical engineering. From calculations to studies to designs to installations to modifications to compliance, we deliver a comprehensive set of services.

Whether we are supporting vessel owners or working with offshore & river transportation companies and shipbuilding enterprises throughout the United States, or supporting academic development by employing engineering and naval architecture students around the country,throughout the year, we seek excellence every step of the way.

Our client roster, project portfolio, and employee infrastructure speak to that.