Ship Architects, INC.

About Us

Corporate Philosophy and Culture

Our purpose is to be a community of professionals working together to be exceptional leaders in engineered products that provide a competitive advantage to our customers by increasing their profits.

We define our guiding philosophy and corporate mission as Operational Excellence.

What does this mean?

It means adhering to the principles of resolute, positive leadership and believing in the efficacy of teamwork. Equally vital, Operational Excellence maintains a clear focus on understanding each client’s needs, and working tirelessly to serve those needs. By advocating and building a shared commitment to success with both our employees and our clients, we lay a foundation from which desired results arise.

Internally, this philosophy drives daily improvement through benchmarking and productivity standards. In executing this mission of Operational Excellence, we fortify our organization by empowering each employee to achieve, grow, and succeed. With empowered, capable employees throughout our business infrastructure, client relationships flourish and winning results follow.

Finally, this philosophy demands introspection and objective, critical analysis: by reviewing and optimizing our practices, protocols, and systems, we seek to continually evolve as a dynamic, thriving, world-class enterprise.