Ship Architects, INC.


Ship Architects, Inc. (SAi) is always looking for new talent either full time or as an intern.  A candidate should be planning to pass the FE; and wants to engineer the entire vessel and produce the production design.  We offer the latest in 3D software to handle most engineering tasks such as stability, finite element, pipe flow and electrical analysis.  We use ShipConstructor for our production design for structure, lofting, assembly packages and pipe spool/arrangements.  We are a deck plate engineering firm which means we go to the shipyards and owner’s vessels to technically evaluate the desire of the production folks or operators and produce first principle engineering solutions on the spot.

The candidate should:

  • possess a high degree of mechanical aptitude and demonstrated ability to work with his or her hands. Not so much as that will be the work assignment but to demonstrate the understanding of how things go together.
  • possess the desire to understand the business aspects of an engineering firm, of how his or her personal action affects Ship Architects to market place; the ability to sell, and provide a quality product and make money all while satisfying the customer.
  • be a U.S. citizen.
  • have passed FE or plan to take the test in the near future.
  • be able to demonstrate their ability to contribute to the success of SAi through the application of course work to real world problems.


Please submit your resume to